Securing Democracy Against Foreign Interference

What is it?

"SAUFEX (Secure Automated Unified Framework for Exchange) is a collaborative initiative funded by the EU, aiming to counteract foreign information manipulation and interference."

Why do we do that?

Our mission is to protect democratic processes by harnessing the power of technology and international cooperation.

  • Detect and Analyze Disinformation
  • Enhance Democratic Resilience
  • Foster International Collaboration
  • Automate Governance Decisionmaking
  • Train Officials in the EU

FIMI Governance Protocols

SAUFEX is responsible for the scientific evaluation of centralised authorisation applications. 

  • Standardizing FIMI Analysis
  • Democratizing Information Resilience
  • Community-driven Quality Assurance
  • International coordination
  • Training material for officials

Why'd you care?

SAUFEX develops ethical automated governance protocols to detect and deter inauthentic or coordinated foreirng interference. 

These protocols allow social media and messaging monitoring services to detect patterns that we can try and stop repeating.

It works with the Digital Services Act (Regulation (EU) 2022/2065, DSA) 

Resilience Councils

Resilience Councils are diverse groups formed to strengthen defenses against specific threats, like disinformation. 

They combine expertise from various sectors, fostering collaboration and innovation to protect democratic processes and community well-being. 

Their work includes strategy development, awareness raising, and rapid response coordination.

STIX 2.1 Extensions

STIX Extensions for disinformation enhance the governance of anti-disinformation policies by structuring and standardizing threat data. 

This streamlines information sharing and policy formation, allowing for efficient, informed responses to the evolving landscape of information manipulation and threats to democratic processes. 


PORT: A technology center specialising in innovative research and development, playing a pivotal role in coordinating international tech projects. An independent tech think tank, excels in analyzing disinformation trends and spearheading media literacy campaigns across Europe.

DROG: Focuses on combating disinformation and enhancing global media literacy through applied research and technological initiatives. 

Faktabaari: A non-profit, is dedicated to fact-checking and promoting media literacy, actively combatting misinformation online.

University of Warsaw: Stands out for its strategic research in international security, specifically in addressing hybrid threats like disinformation and cyber attacks.
ISP PAN: Polish Academy of Science conducts high-level multidisciplinary research that investigates political and social change at the crossroads between East and West.
Osavul: Delivers AI-powered security against information threats


  • Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
  • Ministry of Interior of the Netherlands
  • Ministry of Digital Affairs of Taiwan
  • Embassy of Ukraine (NL)
  • Vilnius University
  • College of Europe Natolin
  • The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats Helsinki
  • EU DisinfoLab Brussels
  • GLOBSEC Centre for Democracy and Resilience.

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